Ventnor Fringe

August 2018

5 Minutes With… Franko Figueiredo from StoneCrabs Theatre

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With so many shows on offer at this year’s Ventnor Fringe, we thought we’d find out more by talking to some of the artists making the trip about what we…

5 Shows Exploring Migration In The Modern World

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One of the most exciting aspects of the Ventnor Fringe is how each year artists bring work to the Festival that questions and challenges the issues of our time. Perhaps…

Meet Our New Apprentice… Jack Barnes

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Last month we had a new Creative Apprentice start work at the Ventnor Exchange, working with ourselves and Quay Arts. He’s currently busy working on the Ventnor Fringe but we…

Early Favourites: 5 Shows Worth Booking Now!

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5 SHOWS WORTH BOOKING NOW!      Tickets for most Ventnor Fringe shows have only been on sale for a week, but already some events are selling fast. Here are…

Ventnor Fringe: A Statement on Ventnor Harbour

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The Ventnor Fringe has always worked to transform under-used and often unknown spaces and re-imagine them for the Festival, creating numerous pop up venues and spaces each year.   For…

Interview: Jim Willis

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What is your creative passion, Jim? I am an amateur film maker I suppose you could say, well I’ve written scripts and had films made, and I help out Jack…

Are We There Yet?

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As mentioned in the first issue of this year’s Fringe Review; we’ve been talking to some of the creative people Ventnor has produced, maintained or incubated over the years. To…

Dead Blondes

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The first half of Died Blondes is a monologue in the form of a letter to David Blakey, Ruth’s victim and late-boyfriend. Local author, Joan Ellis’ portrayal of convicted murderer…

History Repeating

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It was a strange day today. Walking round town, taking in the sights of the Ventnor International Festival; I was taken back in time. There is a definite feel of…

Day Planner

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